Painting Fences to Last

Decorative metal fencing is among the best way to bring beauty to your home just at your doorstep. Decorative wrought iron fences, among all, look beautiful more than the others plus they’re sturdy too. Nevertheless, with time, these wrought iron fencing might get rust and look not so beautiful. The remedy for this lies in repainting wrought iron fences.

Here are instructions for how to paint wrought iron fence to give them a brand new look!

– Know about Wrought Iron Fences

– Repainting Wrought Iron Fences

– eliminate the rust on the wrought iron fence by gently rubbing it with a wire brush.

Do scuff abrasive with a medium grit flexible sanding sponge to ensure good adhesion of paint. Take a tack rag and dust off the iron fence. Wipe the surface to make it smooth. With the aid of a rust inhibitive primer, apply a coating on the regions of the wrought iron fence that rusted.

In addition coat bare metal if any. Now apply a finishing coat with an exterior rust inhibitive enamel that’s suitable with the primer used as you can find on their website. You should use spray cans to apply both primers and finish coats. Nevertheless, where there are rough spots on the wrought iron fence, you must brush paint.

When utilizing spray can for painting iron fence, keep it moving and avoid keeping it too close to the fence. This can give a more drip free surface, even smoother than whenever you use a brush. Other than spray can, you may even use a mini roller for painting wrought iron fence.

Follow by a light pass with a dry brush. Tips for Painting Wrought Iron Fence – The above steps for how to paint wrought iron fence tell you the fundamental steps to follow while repainting wrought iron fence. Nevertheless, there are certain problems that must be taken care of while doing so. This may yield you a smooth painted wrought iron fence without any mess.

When spray painting wrought iron fence, cover the surrounding things which you do not want get painted like steps, plants, and windows. They work best for flexibility and finish. Try to use a good quality DTM paint. Nearly all of them come in an acrylic water base as well that dries to an epoxy like hardness. Get step-by step instructions on Baluster Installation.

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